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Researchers Using Transdermal Testing to Learn More About Drinking Behaviors

In June, researchers from the University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio and Wake Forest University published a study, “Comparing the Detection of Transdermal and Breath Alcohol Concentrations During Periods of Alcohol Consumption Ranging From Moderate Drinking to Binge Drinking” in Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology, published by the American Psychological Association. Researchers were […]

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5 Trends in DUI Offender Behavior

With every single test our bracelet takes, we are able to capture a great deal of data about an individual. Multiple that by 48 times a day and 200,000 monitored offenders, and we’ve amassed a huge database of information that, when analyzed, provides the most comprehensive insight ever into the trends and patterns of DUI […]

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Holidays = Drinking, Even When Big Brother is Watching

Everyone knows that the holidays mean overindulgence, but a recent look at some data trending even took us by surprise. We have a team of data gurus, and they took a look historically at violation rates between Thanksgiving Day and January 2nd in order to see if there were any significant changes in compliance. Change […]

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The 200k Insight Series: Lessons Learned

We launched Sobering Up to coincide with a milestone at AMS: 200,000 monitored offenders. Not just to pat ourselves on the back, which we generally aren’t going to do in this blog, but because with that 200,000 monitored have come some important lessons. Sometimes we were surprised, and often we’ve been humbled. To mark this […]

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