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Does Public Shaming Work to Curb Drunk Driving?

Recently, a Houston offender convicted of DUI after killing a young man must wear a sign created by the victim’s mother, at the original crash site, over four consecutive Saturdays as part of his sentence. The sign read, “I Killed Aaron Coy Pennywell While Driving Drunk.” This requirement was part of a two-year probated sentence, […]

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John Jennessey

California’s AB109: Managing the impact at the county level

The San Bernardino County Sun ran an article today, “Local police feel weight of early prisoner release.” The article hits on the challenges local communities are facing form the impact of AB109, California’s Public Safety Realignment program, which transitions low-level offenders out of costly state prisons to local/county supervision for monitoring and treatment. The article […]

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Mike Iiams

The DUI Issue: Defining Success

Is our technology making a difference? It’s such a fundamental question, yet we still, as a company, are learning how best to define success. We know how to define success for our company—unit sales, monitoring days. But defining success in the bigger picture—do we make a difference—is essential for the long-term growth of our company.  […]

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