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NJ Officer Luca Piscatelli is Honored for Making a Difference in the DUI Fight

A candlelit procession, in which family members carried photos of loved ones lost, preceded speeches by law enforcement and traffic safety officials as Officer Luca Piscatelli of the Broomfield Police Department accepted the award for the most DUI arrests in Essex County in 2011. According to the recently released fact sheet from NHTSA, the National […]

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Illinois Joins Trend of Mandatory Abstinence for DUI Offenders

Illinois lawmaker Randy Ramey (R) has authored a new DUI bill, HB5214. The intent of the new law is to strengthen the existing BAIDD (ignition interlock) laws by authorizing the use of Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (CAM) as an alternative for offenders who apply for and are granted a monitoring device driving permit (MMDP) after serving […]

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To Drink or Not to Drink: Which is Actually More Important?

If you’re driving, the answer is obvious. But if you’re a court, or a probation officer, a lawmaker, or a treatment provider, it’s actually a question I’d like to post for further thought. As technologies have made it possible to know precisely—daily—hourly—HALF hourly—exactly what people are putting into their bodies and with a great deal […]

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Mike Iiams

The DUI Issue: Defining Success

Is our technology making a difference? It’s such a fundamental question, yet we still, as a company, are learning how best to define success. We know how to define success for our company—unit sales, monitoring days. But defining success in the bigger picture—do we make a difference—is essential for the long-term growth of our company.  […]

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