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Highlights for Friday June 1st at NADCP in Nashville

The National Association of Drug Court Professionals 18th Annual Drug Court Training Conference continues into the second full day of the conference Friday, and the schedule is jam packed full of events and DWI/Alcohol-specific happenings. Highlights: 7:00-8:00 a.m. The Drug Court Expo/Exhibit Hall Opens early for breakfast and networking. This could be your last chance […]

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The Right to Drink

Many DUI offenders think they can drive after excessive drinking. Not wanting to pay for a cab or inconvenience a sober friend, they choose to take the chance hoping they will not get caught. Many believe because drinking alcohol is a legal right after the age of 21, they can do so. Unfortunately, many misjudge […]

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Mike Iiams

The DUI Issue: Defining Success

Is our technology making a difference? It’s such a fundamental question, yet we still, as a company, are learning how best to define success. We know how to define success for our company—unit sales, monitoring days. But defining success in the bigger picture—do we make a difference—is essential for the long-term growth of our company.  […]

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