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Dealing With Drunk Drivers: Balancing Cost and Safety

The National Association of Counties County News published an article this week that looks at the issue of balancing cost and safety when it comes to managing drunk drivers. This was a prominent topic at this week’s NACO conference in Pittsburgh. Drunk drivers are often centerstage in the jail overcrowding debate. Most jurisdictions define them […]

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Leandra’s Law: Closing interlock loophole runs aground in NY House

New York’s groundbreaking Leandra’s Law had its first official challenge last month when an offender sentenced to the mandatory year of ignition interlock challenged his sentence after failing to install the system in the required timeframe, then failing subsequent uploads and tests. Ernan Perez’s challenge represents the first reported one to the state law, but […]

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California law reduces oversight of parolees, will it cost more in the long run?

According to the Los Angeles Times, a little known California law has caused an astounding increase in the number of paroles who were taken off supervision. About 8,500 parolees were taken off supervision in April , more than six times the 1,300 discharged in March. Under the new law, parolees who were last imprisoned for […]

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Making a Difference: Small Town Maine Walks to End Domestic Violence

We Walk Like MADD, we Race for a Cure, and we also walk for electronic monitoring. At least that’s what residents of Dexter, Maine, did June 17th when they held the second annual Amy, Coty, Monica, Memorial 5k Race/Walk to End Domestic Violence, as reported in the Bangor Daily News. Amy Lake and her two children, […]

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UK looks to US for Guidance in the Fight Against Alcohol Misuse

While DUI/drunk driving is the most notable alcohol-involved crime in the United States, the United Kingdom has launched a far-reaching initiative to minimize the extraordinary burden of alcohol-fueled violence and criminality. DUI is less of a focus in the UK’s alcohol and crime efforts, thanks to comprehensive mass transit systems. But according to Justice Minister Nick Herbert, “Alcohol-fuelled […]

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John Jennessey

California’s AB109: Managing the impact at the county level

The San Bernardino County Sun ran an article today, “Local police feel weight of early prisoner release.” The article hits on the challenges local communities are facing form the impact of AB109, California’s Public Safety Realignment program, which transitions low-level offenders out of costly state prisons to local/county supervision for monitoring and treatment. The article […]

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Sobering Up

Electronic Monitoring vs Jail: Milwaukee County Debates Merits of EM and Incarceration

Yesterday, an “All Politics” blog post by reporter Steve Schultze in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel covered a brewing battle between Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr. and Chief Judge Jeffrey Kremers. On Wednesday, Sheriff Clarke talked to the media about his recent removal of 61 offenders from the county’s electronic monitoring program, which was […]

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