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addressing the unique needs of Veterans who have become involved in the justice system

U.S. Military Veterans Find Help and Hope in Special Court

A disproportionate number of U.S. Military Veterans find themselves embroiled in the U.S. justice system after returning from combat. Veterans Treatment Courts, first established in 2007 in Buffalo, NY, are addressing the unique needs of veterans who have become involved in the justice system as a result of disability or addiction issues stemming from their service. Today, […]

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A Possible Crystal Ball for Predicting Which Teens Will Binge Drink

Researchers in Europe may have started to unlock the mystery of why some teens binge drink and others don’t. For their study, published in July in Nature, researchers took brain scans and analyzed the behaviors of 700 14-year-olds across Europe. In particular, they noted the teens’ personality traits, background, genetics, and drinking patterns. They then […]

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Affordable Care Act Alcohol Treatment and Addiction

Obamacare Requires Insurance Plans to Cover Alcohol Treatment

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), which went into effect on October 1, may bring some hope to people who want treatment for alcohol and substance abuse. Otherwise known as Obamacare, the new law defines drug and alcohol abuse as “chronic diseases.” This classification requires insurance plans to cover drug and alcohol treatment and allows healthcare […]

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The Impact of Alcohol Consumption in America

Infographic: The Impact of Alcohol Consumption in America

Most people are aware of the devastating consequences of alcohol-impaired driving, but the consequences of alcohol misuse and abuse extend far beyond our highways. This infographic shows the unexpected ways alcohol misuse is taking a toll on the U.S. Click infographic to enlarge. Share This Infographic On Your Site Copy and paste the following snippet: Please include attribution to […]

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New Website Gives DWI Victims the Chance to Share Their Story—Will it Make a Difference?

Jacqui Saburido is one of the most well-known drunk driving victims in the country. In September of 1999, Jacqui and four friends were headed home from a party when a drunk driver hit their car. Two passengers died at the scene and Jacqui was badly burned after the car caught fire. Her story and her […]

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NADCP 2013

NADCP Training Conference Offers Education and Inspiration

  Last week over 3,000 court administrators, judges, lawyers, addiction treatment professionals, and industry experts gathered in Washington, D.C., for the National Association of Drug Court Professionals‘ 19th Annual Training Conference. Attendees came from all 50 states and places as far away as New Zealand, the U.K., and South America. The conference gave drug court […]

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Can Data on Revolving Door of Relapse Help Corrections?

Check out this Infographic on data related to addiction and relapse. Provided by Clarity Way, a drug and alcohol treatment center, the data highlights the key triggers and indicators for relapse. Of note is the continued prominence of alcohol in the equation, both for the likelihood of relapse and for the percentage of individuals who […]

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NTSB’s Newest Recommendations Overlook Alcohol-Dependent Drivers

On Tuesday the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released a special investigation report on fatal wrong-way driving crashes on limited-access highways. The study found that approximately 260 fatal wrong-way collisions occur each year in the United States and alcohol-impaired driving was their leading cause. As a result of the report NTSB issued 16 safety recommendations, […]

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