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Is Australia’s “Drinking. Do It Properly.” Campaign Really Proper?

Australia is known for unique public education campaigns to reduce drink driving and alcohol abuse. Victoria Province’s Transport Accident Commission is famous for its emotionally-charged commercials that show graphic depictions of crashes. Its 20-year anniversary video has been viewed nearly 16 million times on YouTube alone. But a new social media campaign from Australia’s DrinkWise […]

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Sobering Up looks at 2013's best anti-drunk driving tactics

The 6 Most Innovative Anti-Drunk Driving Tactics of 2013

As 2013 winds to a close, we’re looking back at some of the year’s most unique approaches to addressing impaired driving. Running the spectrum from serious to off-the-wall creative, these campaigns and tactics made us take notice: 1. YouTube DUI confession. In September, Matthew Cordle posted an online video to confess to causing a drunk driving […]

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MN court to hear necessary drunk driving case

Minnesota Supreme Court to Look at “Necessary Drunk Driving” Defense

A Minnesota woman is appealing her 2011 careless driving charge to that state’s Supreme Court on the basis that driving drunk was her only option to flee from domestic violence. Jennifer and Jason Axelberg were drinking with friends at a rural resort when they began to argue. The argument escalated when they returned to their […]

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Ethan Couch uses affluenza defense to excuse drunk driving

“Too Rich” Defense? Teen Blames “Affluenza” for Drunk Driving

Last week a Texas judge handed down what many see as a light sentence to a teen who was behind the wheel in a deadly drunk driving crash. The boy’s defense: He is too rich to know right from wrong. Sixteen-year-old Ethan Couch was driving nearly twice the speed limit with a BAC three times […]

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hungover driving

“Morning After” and Hungover Driving is Still Impaired Driving

Think “sleeping it off” makes you safe to drive after a night of drinking? Think again. In the U.K., new statistics show that “morning after” drunk drivers account for 10% of all drunk-driving arrests. The drivers were pulled over between 6 and 8 a.m., still intoxicated hours after their last drink. People assume a few […]

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Thanksgiving Eve sees climb in drinking and drunk driving

Blackout Wednesday lives up to its name: Binge drinking and drunk driving spike on Thanksgiving Eve

Looking forward to scoring mega deals on Black Friday? You have to make it through Blackout Wednesday first. In many parts of the country, Thanksgiving Eve has become the biggest drinking night of the year, earning it the nickname “Blackout Wednesday.” A “Perfect Storm” for Excessive Drinking A number of factors contribute to this rise […]

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Holiday drinking & DUIs

Infographic: Change the Trend on Holiday Drinking & DUIs

A fatal collision following a Thanksgiving party. A teen starts the new year in a wheelchair because of an alcohol-related crash. A repeat drunk driver kills three on Christmas Day. This time of year brings celebrations, time with family, joy, and peace. Unfortunately, a dramatic increase in DUI offenses and alcohol-related highway deaths has also […]

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Don’t Let Drunk Driving Turn Halloween into a Real Nightmare

Spirits may be responsible for mayhem this All Hallows’ Eve, but they are likely to be of the manmade kind. Once mostly considered a chance for kids to dress up as their favorite superhero, more and more adults are taking part in Halloween. Nearly half of people aged 18 to 24, and 37% of 25- […]

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Drunk Driver Who Made YouTube Confession Sentenced to 6 1/2 Years

An Ohio court has sentenced 22-year-old Matthew Cordle, famous for confessing to killing a 61-year-old-man in a drunk driving accident via a video he posted online, to 6 ½ years in state prison. Per Ohio state law, his driving privileges were revoked for life. Cordle, who is a first-time DUI offender and was at  0.19 […]

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MA High School Sets Drunk Driving Message Back 30 Years

If you aren’t outraged now, you may be by the end of this post. In early October, Massachusetts high school honor student Erin Cox received a message from a friend who had been drinking, asking for a ride home from a party. According to the Boston Herald, Cox arrived to pick up her friend just […]

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